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Weekly link dump

HTML5 Bones

HTML5 Bones is more a starter project than a template or framework. It’s a well structured, well commented HTML file, and includes Normalize.css for sane resets and HTML5Shiv.js to make IE<9 act like a modern browser. Throw in box-sizing declarations and a box-sizing polyfill, and you’ve got my starter project. Only much better. And with ARIA landmark roles.


The original Flash game that lead to the mobile game Super Hexagon. It’s a brilliant game, but it’s important to remember that Terry Cavanagh’s games will make you feel bad about your skills.


Checkvist is a web-based outliner app. You can import OMPL, indented text, lists in Markdown. You can easily get your data out as well. Lots of keyboard shortcuts to speed things up, but none of them are necessary for every day use. Check out MacDrifter’s overview of Checkvist for more detail.

Weekly link dump


Despite pointing out that “Share this” buttons on most sites live between 0-24 shares, I still get plenty of requests for them. Next time I think I’ll forgo AddThis for SocialCount. It’s very lightweight (provided you’re already including JQuery), customizable, and loads in such a way that it won’t block the display of your content.


When I switched from plasticy, billion-bladed abominations to safety razors, I used Mantic59’s YouTube channel. Now he has a group blog, and it’s really informative.

Back to Work’s Three-parter on Getting Things Done

Merlin and Dan have started a refresher on David Allen’s productivity classic Getting Things Done. Worth a listen, and the show notes are brilliant.

Weekly link dump

Clear for Mac

Clear comes to the Mac. Syncs directly to the iPhone version via iCloud. The interaction that’s so great on a fully touch device falls a little short on the Mac, but I find the syncing invaluable. I use clear to track my “To Do Today” tasks.

Pencil Project

A desktop wireframing tool that comes preinstalled with stencil sets for the most common cases. It’s a little rough around the edges, and doesn’t feel native, but it’s off to a great start! I used it this week to wireframe an iOS web app.

Solving my annoyances

This is where I bookmark fixes for the little things that drive me nuts. You might find something useful in there, too.

Weekly link dump


On the off chance you haven’t come across this, Soma is the best site for streaming electronic music out there. They also have some fun novelty stuff, and do great Christmas streams.

The secret to making great coffee revealed

A Slate article on the pour-over coffee-brewing method. Londoners, this is how Monmouth makes their filter coffee.

How to Use If-Then Planning to Achieve Any Goal

Planning your activities based on a trigger and a response. This is very similar to how the author of “The Power of Habits” describes the process by which habits are strengthened.

Weekly link dump

OHNY: TWA Flight Center

A beautiful Flickr gallery showing the Eero Saarinen-designed TWA Flight Center. A far cry from the largely functional and brutal terminals in most airports.

Folding Text

Another simple Markdown-aware text editor with a few neat tricks. It has a focus mode that lets you view only the section on which you’re currently working. It allows text folding by heading. It can do to-do lists like Listary and Task Paper, and features a timer mode.


A very simple to use plugin to allow content in multiple languages in a WordPress site.