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Weekly link dump

The Sunday Papers at Rock, Paper, Shotgun

This is the blog post I most look forward to all week. The editors pull together the most interesting game coverage from the previous week, and add some commentary. Topics include reviews, industry news, and even proper critical theory from time to time.

Sublime Text 3 Beta Released

Nettuts+’s coverage of the beta of this increasingly popular editor. The ability to jump between symbols and their definitions will save lots of folks a tonne of time. Also potentially useful if you’re reading through source for educational purposes.


A searchable list of the best contributors to Stack Overflow sites, sorted by topics. Click on the user’s name to get a list of their best answered questions on your chosen subject.

Weekly link dump

OHNY: TWA Flight Center

A beautiful Flickr gallery showing the Eero Saarinen-designed TWA Flight Center. A far cry from the largely functional and brutal terminals in most airports.

Folding Text

Another simple Markdown-aware text editor with a few neat tricks. It has a focus mode that lets you view only the section on which you’re currently working. It allows text folding by heading. It can do to-do lists like Listary and Task Paper, and features a timer mode.


A very simple to use plugin to allow content in multiple languages in a WordPress site.

Weekly link dump


github has definitely won the majority mindshare when it comes to open source git repository hosting. If you need private repositories it can get expensive. Bitbucket is a much better option. It isn’t as social as github, but offers most of the same features for free/cheap.

Perfect Workflow in Sublime Text

This free course from the Net Tuts+ premium side shows you everything you’ll need to get up and running quickly with Sublime Text 2. It even includes a chapter on Vintage Mode, Sublime’s modal vi-work-alike.


Writebox is a simple editor for editing and creating text files in your Dropbox† account. No install, it runs in your web browser. (If that’s too easy for you, maybe vi in the Cloud is more your thing? vi in your browser with Dropbox integration.)

† This is an affiliate link. I’m that shameless.