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Weekly link dump

How I Learned Enough Ruby On Rails In 12 Weeks To Launch Freelancify

There are a lot of posts these days about folks who learned coding driven by a personal project they wanted to complete. This is one of my favourites.


I’ve had nothing but problems from the all-in-one time tracking, project management, and invoicing apps I’ve used. This year I’ve gone back to basics. Toggl is the tool I use to track my time, and create a report at the end of the week.


If you don’t already own TextExpander, and don’t need the iOS integration it offers, aText may be a much cheaper option. It includes advanced features like clipboard integration and shell scripting, and is only $5.

Weekly link dump

Clear for Mac

Clear comes to the Mac. Syncs directly to the iPhone version via iCloud. The interaction that’s so great on a fully touch device falls a little short on the Mac, but I find the syncing invaluable. I use clear to track my “To Do Today” tasks.

Pencil Project

A desktop wireframing tool that comes preinstalled with stencil sets for the most common cases. It’s a little rough around the edges, and doesn’t feel native, but it’s off to a great start! I used it this week to wireframe an iOS web app.

Solving my annoyances

This is where I bookmark fixes for the little things that drive me nuts. You might find something useful in there, too.