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Use DNS prefetching to speed up web font loading

Poking around in a framework today, I saw they’d suggested using the new dns-prefetching feature in HTML5 to speed up resolving some foreign domains. Further digging showed folks are prefetching the domains from which Google serve their web fonts. It’s a great idea, given that web fonts are one of the biggest contributors to page weight on a largely text web site.

To include prefetching of the Google web fonts domains in your page, add the following code to your head:

<link rel="dns-prefetch" href="//themes.googleusercontent.com">
<link rel="dns-prefetch" href="//fonts.googleapis.com">

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HTML5 Bones

HTML5 Bones is more a starter project than a template or framework. It’s a well structured, well commented HTML file, and includes Normalize.css for sane resets and HTML5Shiv.js to make IE<9 act like a modern browser. Throw in box-sizing declarations and a box-sizing polyfill, and you’ve got my starter project. Only much better. And with ARIA landmark roles.


The original Flash game that lead to the mobile game Super Hexagon. It’s a brilliant game, but it’s important to remember that Terry Cavanagh’s games will make you feel bad about your skills.


Checkvist is a web-based outliner app. You can import OMPL, indented text, lists in Markdown. You can easily get your data out as well. Lots of keyboard shortcuts to speed things up, but none of them are necessary for every day use. Check out MacDrifter’s overview of Checkvist for more detail.