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Weekly link dump

Beautiful Web Type

I love typography, and am genuinely excited about how much freedom adoption of font-face provides. I am also pretty clueless about fonts. This site showcases some of the nicest faces in the Google Web Fonts directory.

5 Use Cases for Icon Fonts

If you’ve just encountered icon fonts (say in a framework), and are wondering how people are using them, these examples serve as inspiration. I’d never thought of the loader one.

Brew Methods

More coffee inspiration, this time broken down by apparatus.

Weekly link dump


On the off chance you haven’t come across this, Soma is the best site for streaming electronic music out there. They also have some fun novelty stuff, and do great Christmas streams.

The secret to making great coffee revealed

A Slate article on the pour-over coffee-brewing method. Londoners, this is how Monmouth makes their filter coffee.

How to Use If-Then Planning to Achieve Any Goal

Planning your activities based on a trigger and a response. This is very similar to how the author of “The Power of Habits” describes the process by which habits are strengthened.