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Editing the hosts file on Windows

I have to Google this once a week. It doesn’t stick. At least this way, maybe I’ll find my own site when I Google. The easiest thing to do is create a shortcut on the desktop. It should point to

notepad.exe C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts

Then run this shortcut as an administrator whenever you need to add a new host.

Quickly adding a link to the iOS Simulator

I was looking for a way to easily add a link to the iOS Simulator in my ~/Applications folder, but every explanation that worked for Mavericks seemed unnecessarily complicated to me. Here’s what I figured out myself:

  1. Open Xcode and launch the simulator as normal
  2. Control-click on the simulator icon in the dock, and select Options → Show in Finder
  3. Open a terminal, and type ln -s
  4. Drag the simulator icon to the terminal window
  5. Drag the destination for the link to the terminal window, and hit Enter

Testing in IE on a Mac is easier with Modern.ie

Microsoft recently launched a new site called Modern.ie that seeks to simplify testing against multiple versions of Internet Explorer. There’s a code parser/validator (that cheekily flags missing IE-only HTML as warnings), and a way to get three months of free testing at BrowserStack. Far more interesting and valuable; Microsoft have finally released official IE testing virtual machines that work with VMWare and Virtual Box. This means there’s a supported, no-cost way to test IE on your Mac and Linux boxes. There are combinations of IE7 and up under Vista and newer. Some of the downloads are huge, so make sure you’re sorted for time and space.