Link dump

Reading: Felicia Day’s autobiography, You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost). In fact, I’m listening to it. First crack at using my library’s audio book reservation. It’s a fantastic book; very relatable and touching. A story of an interaction with a fan may have made my bus ride home uncomfortably dusty. Listening to: Chipzel radio […]

Link dump

Listening to: The It Follows soundtrack by Disasterpeace Reading: Star Wars: Aftermath. Having a hard time getting into it, though. Stuck about half way through. Playing: Downwell. (Image nicked from the linked Downwell review.)

Irvue for OS X

If you have a Mac, you should definitely get this app. It changes your wallpaper to a random selection from Unsplash after a configurable interval. irvue Source: Irvue for OS X

An easier way to kill processes

I’ve moved on from ps aux | grep -i processname; kill PID. The Mac (along with many other Unix-likes) has two handy utilities: pgrep and pkill. pgrep does a case-insensitive search for processes matching the expression you provide, and returns all matching PIDs, one per line. pkill does the same search, but just kills the […]