I’m starting a depth year

Judging by the volume of posts I’ve seen on the topic, a lot of people are becoming frustrated by the rate of churn on internet technologies. Not only are new things being introduced all the time, but established technologies are evolving so rapidly, and increasingly introducing breaking changes between versions. I’m certainly feeling it. I’m …

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Reading: Felicia Day’s autobiography, You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost). In fact, I’m listening to it. First crack at using my library’s audio book reservation. It’s a fantastic book; very relatable and touching. A story of an interaction with a fan may have made my bus ride home uncomfortably dusty. Listening to: Chipzel radio …

Link dump

Listening to: The It Follows soundtrack by Disasterpeace Reading: Star Wars: Aftermath. Having a hard time getting into it, though. Stuck about half way through. Playing: Downwell. (Image nicked from the linked Downwell review.)

Irvue for OS X

If you have a Mac, you should definitely get this app. It changes your wallpaper to a random selection from Unsplash after a configurable interval. irvue Source: Irvue for OS X