As a result of travel, a busy entertaining schedule, and some work stuff, I’m way behind. On everything.

In March and April I watched a number of Marvel films. I’m well into “Phase Two” now, having watched Captain America: Winter Soldier, and Ant-Man. I’ve even dipped a toe into “Phase Three”, with the second Guardians of the Galaxy.

I finished Meditation for Fidgety Sceptics. I recommend it. I got the audio book, and admit I had to relisten to a few passages, but I’d recommend going that way. If you’re already familiar with mindfulness meditation, it’s not going to really teach you anything new. It’s a good primer, though, and the central message is a good one: just start, start again if you mess up, and even a little bit helps.

Dead Space 3 is still happening. It’s too stressful, given that I mostly game just before bed. Instead, I’d get all lazy and play Destiny 2.

Currently reading: Annihilation (on my lovely new Kobo Aura, which replaced my refurbished second-gen Kobo which literally fell apart)
Currently watching: The Good Place