Weekly (*cough*) link dump

I either need to get better about posting these, or stop calling them “weekly”.

The nGen Works Process wiki

Inspired by Kelly Goto’s well-known publishing of her process in the early days, nGen have published a wiki of their process. This is an amazing resource for folks just heading into the industry or setting up their own shop. It’s also likely informative for potential clients who want to see how the sausage is made.

We use Trello

I used Trello last fall when I was deluged with work, and my existing project management process wasn’t handling it well. Trello is made of three parts: boards which contain lists, which in turn contain cards. Most folks use it for Kanban. This article will run you through how one Ruby on Rails production shop built their process around it.


Typeplate is a set of Less, Sass, or CSS stylesheets that handle things like typographic scale, and provide classes and mixins for things like setting hyphenation, creating drop caps, or indenting paragraphs.

Modern Etiquette: Email Correspondence

Grace Bonney walks you through a professional email message, including greetings, closings, and tone.