Sharing content on social networks without Javascript

I’m often asked how add share links without using javascript (for example, in an HTML email or in a PDF). Here are the URLs for the most common ones:

  • Pinterest:{articleUrl}&description={articleTitle}
  • LinkedIn:{articleUrl}&title={articleTitle}&summary={articleSummary}&source={articleSource}
  • Facebook:[title]={articleTitle}&p[summary]={articleSummary}&p[url]={articleUrl}
  • Twitter:{articleSummary}&url={articleUrl}
  • Google+:{articleUrl}
  • Tumblr:{articleUrl}&t={articleTitle}
  • Mail to: mailto:?subject={articleTitle}&body={articleSummary}%20(full%20article%20at%20{articleUrl})

Replace {articleUrl}, {articleTitle}, and {articleSummary} with the appropriate content for your link. Make sure you url encode the values you’re passing. If you don’t have a text editor that can do that for you, use Eric Meyer’s URL Decoder/Encoder.

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